Looking after species
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Looking after species

Protecting threatened marine species

We work collaboratively with academia, government and other organisations.

We conduct research, campaign for species protection and undertake advocacy on national marine issues, particularly as they relate to Threatened and Endangered species.

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Marine Mammals

New Zealand, including our sub-Antarctic islands, is home to many marine mammal species, including dolphins, whales, seals and sea lions. Some of them, like Māui dolphin and the New Zealand sea lion, are found nowhere else. 

Many species are Threatened or Endangered and facing threats from habitat degradation, climate change, commercial fishing operations, and plastics in the oceans.

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Sea birds

New Zealand is the seabird capital of the world, home to more than 90 species. A third of them found nowhere else. And a significant number of them Critically Threatened or Endangered.

Commercial fishing practices are one of the greatest threat to seabirds. But other threats include loss of habitat, introduced predators, plastics and climate change.


Get Involved

Antipodean albatross

Save the Antipodean albatross

Save the Antipodean Albatross from dying on longline fishing vessels. Call on the Government to make by-catch mitigation measures mandatory.
Erect crested penguins

Adopt an animal

Help protect New Zealand species by adopting a penguin, albatross or dolphin.
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Funding for Community Projects

WWF also supports a range of community-led projects protecting species and restoring habitats