Adopt an Animal

You'll be protecting precious habitats in New Zealand and around the world, and all the species that rely on them.

A WWF animal adoption also makes the perfect gift for any animal lover, and is a great way to inspire friends, family and loved ones to care for nature as much as you do!

Whether your donation is for yourself, as a gift, or to educate younger generations about conservation, you'll be helping build a better future.

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Rockhopper penguin

Adopt a Penguin

Captivating and inquisitive. The flightless penguin is vulnerable to habitat loss and climate change.

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Wandering albatross

Adopt an Albatross

Majestic and soaring, spending 85% of their life at sea. Albatrosses are increasingly threatened by industrial fishing.

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Two orca

Adopt a Dolphin

Sharing the sea with playful, acrobatic dolphins brings humans great pleasure, but it’s killing them.

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Tiger and cub

Adopt a Tiger

Time is running out for tigers. These endangered big cats need protection now or we’ll lose them forever.

Across our planet, billions of animals face daily threats to their lives, caused by dangers such as pollution, deforestation, habitat loss and climate change. Unless we make changes now, we’ll soon lose the animals and plants that make our planet so unique.

By adopting an animal through a monthly donation to WWF, you will be safeguarding the home, food, and safety of threatened and endangered species locally and globally. Your adoption is a symbol of your compassion for all species on our planet.

Your monthly adoption comes with a downloadable pack including: 

  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • Colourful images to use as video call background, wallpaper etc.
  • Fact sheet on your selected animal

You’ll also receive regular email updates on how your generous support is making a difference for your adopted species.


No, your adoption is symbolic. By adopting you’ll be contributing to the areas of WWF’s work, both in New Zealand and internationally, that protect your chosen animal and their habitat.

By signing up to adopt, you are agreeing to making a monthly donation to WWF-New Zealand.

Adoptions are not for a defined period of time but are an ongoing monthly donation. You can however cancel at any time by contacting us.

Yes, adoptions are a great way to involve children in learning about nature. If adopting for a child, please use the ‘as a gift’ option. We will send the certificate and updates in their name, but donation details need to be for an adult.

No, WWF-New Zealand has made the decision to offer adoptions as a digital-only product. All communications and materials will be sent electronically.

No, adoptions are only available as a monthly donation made through the website by credit or debit card.  However you can always support the work of WWF by making a one-off donation.

Yes, an annual donation receipt will be emailed to you after the end of the personal tax year 31 March

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Not sure who to adopt?

You can also help protect species and habitats, stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment, and reverse the loss of the world’s biodiversity by making a one-off donation or a regular monthly gift.