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Help protect our most precious species and places.

Your support is crucial to stopping nature's decline.

Together we can build a future in which people and nature thrive in harmony.  Our work is only possible because of people like you. It is your passion and commitment to our planet that will create a nature-positive world.

Your donation today will help:

  • Protect and restore our ocean
  • Save taonga species from extinction
  • Make fishing more sustainable
  • Restore degraded habitats

By supporting our research, advocacy and conservation programmes, you'll be making a difference for nature.


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Stand for the Ocean

Less than 0.5% of New Zealand’s immense ocean territory - a major food source, a massive carbon sink, and home to 80% of our biodiversity - is currently protected. We’re losing precious marine mammals and seabirds to fisheries bycatch and pollution every day. 

We’ve asked a lot of the ocean, and now it is time to give back.

Your donation today will help us:

Work to protect 30% of our vast ocean territory by 2030 and make sure that includes ecologically significant or particularly vulnerable marine habitats. 

Reduce human-driven extinction risk by fishing more sustainably – phasing out bottom-trawling, achieving zero bycatch and managing our fish stocks better. 

Address the land-based threats to marine ecosystems like plastic pollution and nutrient run-off and invest in nature-based solutions that address both climate change and biodiversity loss.

Together let's take a stand for our ocean.

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Protect our Whales

Whales are sentinels of the sea, providing early warning of existing or emerging problems in the ocean environment such as climate change. Their continued existence is both vital to a thriving ocean and threatened by the current and worsening state of the ocean.

Climate change and the loss of nature are two sides of the same coin. This is what sentinel species like tohorā are telling us. They’re telling us that we need to double down on climate action, and that we must take urgent and transformative action to halt and reverse the loss of nature. And we must do it now.  

Your donation will help address the threats they face. You can help halt species extinction and slow global warming.


Help save our penguins

Penguin populations are in serious decline.

They are becoming more threatened every day. 

The hoiho/yellow-eyed penguin is nationally endangered.
The eastern rockhopper penguin is nationally vulnerable. 
Emperor penguins are near-threatened.
Fiordland crested penguin, the erect-crested penguin, little penguin/kororā are all at risk and declining.

With your help, we can turn things around.

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Send an eCard

Help loved ones celebrate Mother's Day, an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion.

Make a donation on their behalf and send them a customised eCard to let them know.

Your thoughtful gift will make a difference for nature.

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Adopt an animal

By adopting an animal through a monthly donation to WWF, you will be safeguarding the home, food, and safety of threatened and endangered species locally and globally.

Your adoption is a symbol of your compassion for all species on our planet.

A WWF animal adoption also makes the perfect gift for any animal lover, and is a great way to inspire friends, family and loved ones to care for nature as much as you do!

Questions about donations

You can make changes to or cancel your monthly donation by calling 0800 4357 993 or emailing

For security reason, please never include credit card details in your email.

If you would rather make your donation directly to us via our bank account, these are the details you will need:

Bank: ANZ

Name of account: WWF New Zealand

Account number: 06-0501-0545463-00

Particulars: First name

Code: Last name

Reference: Donor ID (if you have it) 

Receipts are issued automatically. If you make a one-time donation online it will be emailed to you within an hour.

Annual receipts for regular donations are issued at the end of the tax year (31 March). 

If you don't receive your receipt or have questions please call 0800 4357 993 or email

WWF-New Zealand is currently getting help from our partners at Raisers Hub to raise awareness and to give members of the public the opportunity to support us. We are a small team so this allows us to focus on other areas of the organisation.

Calls from this number: (09) 375 4014 are from the Raisers Hub team.

If you are ever unsure about someone calling on our behalf, do not hesitate to contact us. Call 0800 4357 993 or email us at