Māui Dolphin - Teacher's Resource

Hector's dolphin
@Will Rayment

 "Maui's Dolphin - An Inquiry to Action," is a cross-curricular inquiry-learning resource for schools. It is designed to support teachers and students to undertake their own inquiries into the protection of our most endangered marine mammal – the Maui’s dolphin.

This resource is designed for levels 2 –4 of the New Zealand curriculum; however, it can be modified by teachers or facilitators and used at all levels of the curriculum. While the curriculum links focus on science and social studies, teaching about this critically endangered dolphin can be integrated into any curriculum learning area.

The teacher’s notes include curriculum links, inquiry-learning support, student activities and an extensive list of resources.

Please note that this resource was created in 2014. While it remains useful and relevant, some information may be out of date and the link to further information and resources may have changed.