Save our Penguins

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© Wim van Passel / WWF

Penguin populations are in serious decline.

They are becoming more threatened every day. 

The hoiho/yellow-eyed penguin is nationally endangered.
The eastern rockhopper penguin is nationally vulnerable. 
Fiordland crested penguin, the erect-crested penguin, little penguin/kororā are all at risk of extinction and declining.

With your help, we can turn things around.

© Fergus Sutherland

Your donation will

Support climate-change action that will lessen the impact of warming seas on the habitat and prey penguins depend on for survival and successful breeding. 

Help individual birds to make it through the summer by supporting penguin rescue and rehabilitation centres.

Support efforts to end plastic pollution through campaigning for a strong global plastics treaty.

Other ways you can help penguins

You can also help save our penguins by symbolically adopting a penguin or sending a loved one an adorable penguin eCard.