Stop Deep Sea Mining

Stop Deep Sea Mining

Help Protect the Seabed

A global moratorium on all deep seabed mining activities is urgently needed.

Extraction must not go ahead until the environmental, social and economic risks are understood, and all alternatives to deep sea minerals have been explored.

Say NO to Seabed Mining

There is widespread global concern about the vulnerability of deep-sea habitats and ecosystems to proposed deep seabed mining.

The scale and destructive nature of these practices cause them to have huge environmental impacts. Due to the lack of data, a thorough environmental impact assessment can't to be done and the level of environmental and climate impacts is unknown.

All of this makes a clear case that a stop to deep-sea mining is both urgent and essential.

The ocean is worth more than just the value of its finite resources. The intrinsic long-term benefits of a healthy ocean far outweigh any short-term incentives offered by deep sea mining.

Opening up this new frontier for extraction would destabilise delicate ocean ecosystems and fatally undermine the foundations of a circular ocean economy.

Add your voice today to the growing movement calling for a Moratorium on Deep Sea Mining.

Deep Sea Mining Explained

Deep sea mining explained