People, Nature, Climate
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People, Nature, Climate

Nature is a non-negotiable part of the solution to climate change.  

Nature can help us in the fight against climate change, but only if we help it first.

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You can help nature by giving it more protected places.

Where plants and animals don’t have to compete with humans for food, for space. Where ecosystems can recover and absorb more carbon. 

In December, as part of the Kunming-Montreal Agreement on Global Biodiversity, New Zealand committed to the “30 by 30” goal. Having 30% of land and sea protected by 2030. 

Despite having one of the largest marine environments in the world, we’ve protected less than 1% of it from exploitation.
Your donation now will help us advocate strongly for protection of 30% of our ocean and all the species that call it home.


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You can help nature by restoring species' habitats.

Like New Zealand’s degraded coastal dunes.

Home to precious shorebirds and a vital protector against erosion, flooding, and storm damage. 

With your donation today, you can help New Zealand adopt nature-based solutions like coastal and wetland restoration and riparian plantings that improve climate resilience for tangata and taonga, people and precious native species. 


Nature has been our secret ally in the fight against global warming.

But we will lose that ally if we don’t halt and reverse the loss of nature. 

If we don’t stop destroying and start protecting habitats and ecosystems.


Secret ally

Help nature recover.