The food crisis in numbers

fresh produce at market
Fascinating Facts

Everyone needs to eat. But the way we are producing and consuming food is straining the planet’s resources. And yet, many are still going hungry. 

Let’s look at why food production is one of the biggest threat to nature today.

  • A third of all land is already used for crops and livestock.
  • Agriculture has caused 73% of all deforestation and land conversion.
  • 35% of global fish stocks have been overfished to unsustainable levels.
  • The food industry is responsible for around a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Around one third of all food produced is wasted – either being lost in the supply chain or thrown away.
  • 690 million people go hungry every day
  • The world’s population is set to grow to more than 9 billion by 2050.

What we need to do

By improving production efficiency, shifting to diets with food that is good for people and planet, and making sure food is distributed more fairly and efficiently, we can protect nature, feed people and help tackle the climate change crisis.