Mobile classroom inspires next generation of environmental stewards

A picture of kids inside a caravan learning about protecting the environment.
© Tread Lightly Trust
Success Story

Through the Community Conservation Fund, WWF-New Zealand is supporting the Tread Lightly Trust, which runs a mobile environmental classroom that visits primary and intermediate schools in the Auckland region.

Through fun interactive exhibits and activities, the caravan classroom teaches students about their environmental footprint and how they can make more sustainable choices.

Tread Lightly offers a hands-on, interactive learning experience focused on educating youngsters about sustainable practices such as recycling, energy conservation and preventing water pollution.

A waste exhibit showing how long it takes for different materials to decompose is just one of the activities used by teachers.

Students also get to pedal an exercycle to generate their own electricity and learn about the amount of energy used by common household appliances.

The Tread Lightly Trust says a growing awareness of the importance of recycling and protecting the environment has helped to generate record demand for school visits in 2024.

More Auckland primary and intermediate schools have booked the Tread Lightly Caravan than ever before.
Lead teacher, Shanthie Walker, says: “All our teaching programmes combine Western science with te ao Māori perspectives and provide students with an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience designed to spark an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)."

Tread Lightly is just one of the 19 projects WWF-New Zealand, in partnership with the Tindall Foundation, is supporting this year through the Community Conservation Fund.

This initiative supports communities to run projects that conserve and restore Aotearoa’s natural environment or teach New Zealanders about its importance.