Blockchain Tuna Project 2018

© Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock / WWF

Seafood traceability is increasingly becoming a focal point to address the entry of illegally and unethically produced products into the supply chain. More and more, experts view full supply chain traceability and transparency as the only way to ensure against the continued entry of illegally or unethically produced seafood products into the seafood supply chain. 

Blockchain can be a significant part of the solution – providing the full transparency and traceability required to enable the market to reward responsible and ethical producers, and push those that are illegal and unethical out of the supply chain.

In 2018 WWF led a pilot project on blockchain supply chain traceability for use in seafood traceability, specifically for tuna caught in a Fijian longline fishery. 

A collaboration between WWF-New Zealand, WWF-Australia, and WWF-Fiji working with with global tech innovator ConsenSys, information and communications technology (ICT) implementer TraSeable, and tuna fishing and processing company Sea Quest Fiji Ltd.

Read the final report on the project which outlines what Blockchain is and how it was implemented in the tuna fishery in Fiji. It discusses the lessons learnt and makes some key recommendations for those keen to start working with, and benefiting from, blockchain technology.